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Transdev North America has years of experience in the taxicab and black car business. We are the largest operator of taxicab services in Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Kansas City and offer black car service coast to coast.

We have developed proprietary systems and controls for dispatching, cashiering, driver services, customer service, safety, technology and more, enabling us to provide extremely reliable service to our taxi and black car customers. We are committed to offering safe, reliable and on-time taxi performance, and we train our drivers to take excellent care of our customers and provide each with a comfortable and pleasant experience.


Higher Standards, Better Rides

When customers choose ExecuCar for their private travel needs, they get a door-to-door black car service that is second to none in customer care and convenience. With each ride, we offer guests a personal, top quality travel experience.  Our ExecuCar operations offer trusted customer support and professionally-licensed and insured drivers.

Passengers can book rides on-demand or schedule them in advance through our app, ExecuCar or SuperShuttle website, and national call center.

Transdev is a global leader in ground transportation, serving cities and companies with superior bus, streetcar, and paratransit services. Our ExecuCar operations offer trusted customer support and professionally-licensed and insured drivers.

We serve dozens of major cities and airports—see a complete list on our ExecuCar website.


100 Years of Operating Experience

Transdev has decades of experience in the taxicab business serving riders in multiple cities, including Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Washington, DC.

Our operations in Baltimore and Pittsburgh have been reliably serving passengers for more than a hundred years! In many areas, our taxis complement existing paratransit services by providing flexible, low cost rides with a drivers certified to transport people with disabilities on behalf of state and city governments.

To serve more than five million customers each year, our proprietary state-of-the-art dispatch and routing systems, ride hailing app and centralized call center operations enable us to dispatch our cabs efficiently and effectively over our entire coverage area, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. With just a few clicks on a phone, riders can even summon a ride using the zTrip app in some 16 cities.

2,400 taxis

5.5 million
trips a year

Need a ride? It’s easy! Select from black car and taxi options in our zTrip app. Choose the “Ride Now” or “Ride Later” feature based on when you need a ride. Our hassle-free payment allows you to pay and tip your driver in one tap.

Serving Special Needs

We offer service to the disabled community and the elderly in partnership with city paratransit services, Medicaid and other government and private entities in the healthcare field.

Our taxis operate under contract with many local government agencies that manage paratransit services for cities and counties. We provide services in regular taxis but also offer special accessible taxis that are configured to handle wheelchairs, service animals and more.

Learn more about our full suite of paratransit services available to governments.

Kansas City

Transdev operates the paratransit service in Kansas City under contract to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). We manage all aspects of service operations and maintain the city’s fleet of paratransit vehicles in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our team provides approximately 800 trips per day, helping the elderly and disabled get where they need to go. We supplement traditional paratransit van service with taxi services in overflow and peak periods.


In Baltimore, we operate Taxi Access, a subsidized program providing nearly 800 daily taxi trips to the elderly and handicapped.Passengers carry an ID card that the driver swipes in the cab, which logs the trip from start to end. This system provides convenience to customers and efficiency in monitoring and billing management.

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