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Autonomous Mobility Services

Expanding your mobility ecosystem.

Autonomous vehicles are the cornerstone of a rapidly changing mobility landscape.

Transdev is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, capitalizing on decades of management and operational expertise. Already we are developing and deploying AV solutions to help solve mobility challenges for cities, towns and communities in North America and around the world.

Our goal is to help you launch autonomous operations that blend seamlessly with existing mobility options, expand connections within your community or enhance the footprint of public transit.

Thanks to our global positioning and expertise with a wide range of AV manufacturers, including EasyMile, Navya, 2GetThere and Lohr, we deliver transport services using autonomous vehicles from any brand.

3.5+ Million passengers transported by Transdev AVs

1 million miles travelled annually by our Transdev shared transport services using autonomous vehicles—with no steering wheel or pedals

Delivering Autonomous Alternatives

In hundreds of cities across 20 countries, we have helped clients expand their mobility ecosystems through more than a dozen modes of transit. Now, that continues into a new era of mobility with autonomous vehicles.

Transdev AV deployments in Florida

Babcock Ranch, Fort Myers, Florida

Transdev is operating the first commercial AV network in the US at Babcock Ranch enabling residents to travel throughout the new solar-powered eco-town in Southwest Florida. Transdev and Kitson & Partners, the town’s developers, share a vision for the future of mobility that will be shared, sustainable and autonomous. The long-term goal is to deliver Mobility as a Service (subscription mobility) solutions that will give their expected 50,000 residents and visitors an easy way to choose how to get around town on multiple modes.

Rouen, France

RNAL is the first on-demand transport service using autonomous vehicles on the open road in Europe operating in three different 7-mile loops. This three-year project offers shared autonomous transport services to urban areas, so that passengers can reach their destination in the Madrillet Tech Cluster or get to the train station from the Cluster during the day.

Gainesville, Florida

Transdev’s AV operations in Gainesville, FL offer a new route connecting passengers from the University of Florida to Downtown Gainesville. The new service will serve as a public transit supplement to existing fixed-route, traditional bus service. Service is provided with a dedicated safety attendant on board to ensure a smooth startup, but will eventually operate with full autonomy.
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Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Transit Authority is a national leader in public transit, winning the Public Transit Agency of the Year award in 2016. Part of Jacksonville’s innovative vision for the future includes transforming the city’s existing monorail infrastructure into dedicated “freeways” for autonomous, shared rides. Transdev is the operator selected for a pilot that will examine the feasibility of using the 12-person EasyMile shuttle for future service.
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Transdev: A global partner for autonomous mobility

Transdev’s success in North America is modeled after our success abroad.

In Civaux, France, since spring of 2016, Transdev has operated a fleet of six autonomous shuttles on an EDF corporate campus.

Rungis Business Park in the suburbs of Paris has partnered with Transdev to launch an automated mobility service on a 1-mile loop from the Orly airport using two EasyMile shuttles.

In Saclay, in the greater Paris area, Transdev will begin to operate an on-demand shuttle service from a major rail station to a business park. The project will also use Renault-Nissan vehicles.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, our Connexxion subsidiary operates an autonomous shuttle system that transports 2,400 people per day from the metro to a business park.

Transdev, our client Metropole Rouen in Normandy, Renault-Nissan and other partners announced the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab in October 2017. The partnership will launch a fleet of on-demand autonomous vehicles running on normal public roads.
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The Transdev Autonomous Transport System

We are developing a Transdev technology system (supervision, embedded intelligence, connected infrastructure, customer application) that will guarantee safe operations, secure service, and a good customer experience. To do so, we work with carefully selected partners chosen for the quality of their work and renowned expertise.


Autonomous vehicles fleet tracking and management, allocating as needed and maintaining constant contact

Client application

Passenger information and assistance before, during, and after their journey

Connected infrastructure

Collects and transmits data about the surroundings

Embedded intelligence

Scan and analyze surroundings in real time so autonomous vehicles can travel in absolute safety; ensure the system run safely

Autonomous Shuttles Open New Possibilities

Self-driving shuttles are a powerful tool to fill gaps in coverage or expand your existing mobility offerings. AV shuttles are currently suited for trips less than 4 miles and can be available on-demand 24 hours a day.

Getting you there, keeping you moving

AV shuttles can move people around campuses, within communities and airports, and through convention and shopping centers.

Shrinking the first- and last-mile

AVs are ideal solutions for connecting people from homes and business to public transit hubs, thus expanding transit’s reach.

A flexible, reconfigurable mobility solution

AV shuttle routes can be dynamically configured, allowing clients to get the most out of their vehicle assets.

Transdev has helped clients design and implement solutions for a variety of use-cases
  • Planned communities
  • Riverfront areas and downtown circulators
  • Airport terminals and parking connections
  • Corporate and university campuses
  • Office parks and shopping centers
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Delivering Solutions to Our Clients

Autonomous shuttles bring new challenges that require new skill sets. We are committed to helping clients effectively navigate the many technical aspects of operating them.

Manufacturer expertise

Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of vehicle manufacturers


Digital and traditional maintenance for optimal fleet performance


Sophisticated routing algorithms and dispatch technology to optimize fleet management

App enabled

Mobile apps to deliver a seamless passenger experience with AVs and between modes

Control center

Digital control centers to monitor vehicle condition (tire pressure, temperature, battery status) and to interact with passengers


Best practices for safety and security

Compliance expertise

Extensive knowledge on regulations, legal issues, risk management and insurance options

Special care

Expertise adapting AVs for passengers with special needs

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