Keeping Our Employees, Passengers and Communities Safe.

The safety and health of our employees, passengers and community remain our top priority at all times. Here a few things we are doing to support our clients during this time of COVID-19 uncertainty.

1. We have increased our frequency for cleaning vehicles and our facilities. We have also added a process for disinfecting all vehicles and shared areas of our facilities on a daily basis.

2. We are collaborating with clients to encourage social distancing on our services. Our teams are working closely with our clients to, where possible, move to rear bus entry and to also go “fare-free” in those cases. We are also requesting to remove access to seats immediately behind our drivers to help protect them.

3. We are providing additional services in many communities in collaboration with our clients by using drivers and vehicles to deliver food (school lunches, groceries, meals, etc.), transporting health care workers and medical protective equipment or other supplies.

4. Establishing additional rigorous protocols for deep cleaning our offices, shops and facilities in case of exposure.

5. Helping communicate to passengers that they should not ride our buses if they are sick or to alert us and take special precautions if they have no other choice beyond paratransit.

We are extremely proud of the way that we have come together as a company to support our clients to serve our passengers and support the common good. This crisis is showcasing public transportation as an absolutely essential service.

We are grateful for the myriad of actions and feeling of solidarity being manifested by all our employees and clients as they endeavor to do their very best to make positive contributions to face the challenges of this unprecedented situation.