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Passenger expectations are rapidly growing every day and Transdev is at the center of it—putting the customers at the heart of our services.

As the technological revolution creates new options for mobility, Transdev is evolving to deliver solutions to passengers around the globe. From real-time information and first- and last-mile options to platforms to manage autonomous shuttle fleets, we offer a full suite of tailored digital tools that help communities increase the quality of their transit options.

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Access All Your Mobility Information From the Palm of Your Hand

Our proprietary GoMobile ticketing solution helps passengers navigate transit networks with digital ticketing and access to scheduled or real-time arrival information. This customer-friendly platform also includes a trip planner, nearest stops, next departures, maps, schedules and alerts—for buses, streetcars and even ferries.

Download the GoMobile app for iOS and Android.

Keeping PACE

The emerging future of mobility will be increasingly Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric—PACE. Operating from this blueprint, we are actively developing solutions designed to anticipate the needs of passengers, from real-time arrival apps, mobile ticketing platforms and personalized alerts on favorite routes, to first/last mile connections with seamless multi-modal travel including driverless pods and shuttles.

Learn more about our vision for cities and PACE.

Improving How We Get Around Cities

The concept of “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) has emerged as an innovative and integrated way to address passenger needs to get around a region or metropolitan area. All the available mobility options can be booked, and paid through a simple unified platform. We are investing in providing mobility, as customers want to consume it – on their terms and at their convenience. Over time, billions of bytes of data will fuel predictability, convenience, and ever-more intelligent services for passengers. Our first MaaS pilots, in Finland and the United Kingdom, are ensuring we are a pioneer in this innovative space.

Cloud-Based Maintenance

At certain locations, our bus fleets are equipped with cloud-based, connected systems that alert technicians to potential problems. Diagnostic work can then be performed—often when the bus is still in service—leading to faster turnaround times and buses that remain longer in revenue service. These innovations in the garage save money and give Transdev intimate experience with the future of fleet maintenance.

Learn more about our maintenance programs.

Monitoring Our Performance to Assure Quality

Transdev deploys a robust cloud-based system and master database that integrates all key metrics from our transit networks into a single dashboard.

This comprehensive platform enables us to monitor our quality and performance in real time for safety, on-time performance, labor utilization, maintenance costs, efficiency ratios and more. With immediate access to data, our teams can instantly diagnose problems and develop improvement plans.

These tools help us deliver our promise of quality service that is as cost effective as possible.

Solving the First- and Last-Mile Conundrum

TransdevLINK is a revolutionary shared-ride public transit solution that serves as a complement to existing public transit systems by helping to bridge the first/last mile.

Powered by a smartphone app and a flexible, real-time dynamic vehicle routing system, TransdevLINK creates a new layer of on-demand service on top of the existing public transit network—facilitating connections to transit hubs by adding on-demand service.

The platform is fully configurable—we work with clients, selecting parts of the city that would most benefit from on-demand connections to transit hubs or key stops. Our custom-branded smartphone app enables clients to ensure their branding is fully integrated.

Learn more about our microtransit solutions or download the app for iOS and Android.

Pioneers in Driverless Operations

Transdev is merging our decades of expertise managing and operating public transportation systems with new capabilities in driverless technology.

Our goal is to help clients launch autonomous solutions that blend seamlessly with existing networks to expand the scope of public transit. Through key strategic partnerships with industry leaders for universal routing, remote control operations and vehicle technology expertise, we are ready to help clients offer new autonomous solutions and create new configurations of mobility eco-systems that better serve their communities.

Learn more about our autonomous mobility options.

Delivering a Global Solution for Streetcar “Bunching”

Delivering operational performance at promised headways can be challenging in the mixed-use traffic environment where streetcars are in “normal” traffic. Using software that helps our Bus Rapid Transit system in Columbia, we implemented new software in Cincinnati that prevents “bunching” of vehicles and accurately spaces streetcars to ensure the promised frequency is met.

Learn more about our streetcar operation experience and capabilities.

Instant Replay to Coach Drivers

Almost every bus in the Transdev fleet is equipped with SmartDrive, an in-vehicle digital camera system that records video in the event of any sudden movements, speed infraction or accident. These clips can then help train drivers to improve their safety practices when combined with coaching from our safety team. Transdev is also experimenting with SmartDrive RAIL at our Cincinnati Streetcar operation. Already, the camera has proven helpful in training operators on the nuances of streetcar operations. Operators self-report possible infractions and use the recordings from the SmartDrive RAIL to learn how they can improve their performance.

Learn more about our commitment to uncompromising safety.

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About Transdev
Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

Copyright 2018, Transdev North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2018, Transdev North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.