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San Francisco, California —
Paratransit Operations

Managing Multiple Transportation Vendors to Achieve Superior Results

Paratransit services in San Francisco are provided by a network of more than 20 independent providers, including taxi companies and both for-profit and non-profit van operators. Transdev manages these multiple providers on behalf of our client, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

We have managed these services since 2000, providing over 1.2 million passengers trips per year, with over 100 dedicated and non-dedicated paratransit vans and 1,500 public taxis (including 100 wheelchair accessible taxis) operated by local taxi companies.

Transdev has demonstrated its ability to manage multiple providers of services, while maintaining very high standards for customer care, operational efficiencies, and cost-effective management structure. We have developed strong processes for well-designed, effective contracts with the over 20 providers, which define responsibilities and service level expectations. Our team has developed day-to-day communication with the service providers to ensure clear understanding of what is expected. And we continually monitor the performance of our service providers and audit their results.

Currently, Transdev, working with SFMTA and technical consultants, is designing and implementing a new “swipe-card” system for taxi paratransit, a technology that will eliminate the use of paper coupons. Our team is charged with overseeing and executing this major project, which will make using the service more convenient for our passengers and taxi companies that provide the service. The new technology will also provide us and our client with better data for useful operating performance reports to better manage the business. This project will be completed this year.

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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