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Expertise in Paratransit

Transdev is a leading provider of paratransit services in the United States. We move millions of people with disabilities safely and comfortably every year in more than 25 cities, from San Francisco to Baltimore.

The American Disabilities Act of 1990 requires all transit authorities to provide paratransit services for people unable to use regular public transit. But Transdav knows that paratransit is much more than just a specialized transport. For our passengers, paratransit means accessibility and independence. Our trained personnel provide quality service with compassion and sensitivity, respecting the dignity of our riders.

Our clients count on Transdev for complete paratransit solutions. We build and leverage technology to improve dispatch, route design and operational coordination, and to provide passengers with up-to-the-minute schedule information. We manage elaborate call center operations and sophisticated dispatch software. To help our clients manage their tight budgets, we rigorously focus on efficiency. We use creative solutions, such as taxicabs in low activity periods and route deviation in low density areas, to improve productivity. We continually strive to achieve the right balance between service quality and rigorous management of costs, a challenge inherent in the paratransit business. And at every step, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards of safety.

Across the US, we’re helping transit authorities meet the simultaneous challenges of increased ridership, a larger aging population, and skyrocketing fuel costs.

Many of our training and core programs are the same in our Fixed Route business as in our Paratransit operations. For further information on these key topics, please visit the Bus section of this website. For more information on key programs in place for both Bus and Paratransit businesses, please visit the following sections: SafetyPassenger CareMaintenanceSustainability, and Employee Development.

Passenger Care

It takes sensitivity, genuine care and effective communication for a paratransit service to truly connect with its rider community. We know how critical it is to treat our passengers with compassion and respect; personal interactions are an everyday part of providing paratransit service, and we want every customer to feel at ease with us. That’s why our paratransit employees receive specialized sensitivity training in order to learn to anticipate the concerns of our riders and satisfy them.

To ensure our services meet the changing needs of the disability community, Transdev continuously welcomes feedback from local riders. In fact, in many of our locations, we actively ask for input: our general managers meet regularly with organizations representing the local disability community to hear concerns and needs – and we use what we learn to improve our service.


Transdev North America has invested heavily in people and technology to back our commitment to first-class, on-time paratransit service:

  • We use the world’s leading software systems, including Trapeze, RouteMatch, Stratagen and Ecolane.
  • We have developed special training programs to help dispatchers, schedulers, reservationists and managers learn how to use their software most effectively.
  • Our Trapeze experts are industry leaders and have customized our paratransit software programs to enhance the “real-time” performance of dispatch and dynamic route planning, and to provide passengers with up-to-the-minute schedule information.
  • We use GPS technology not just to react to problems but to proactively anticipate and solve them.
  • We build flexibility into route designs so fluctuating demand can be accommodated more easily.

Transdev’s dedicated software team is continuously focused on identifying, developing, deploying and customizing new technology to enhance service and value to riders and clients. Our team has extensive experience with paratransit software. In fact, we have hired two of the most experienced experts in the industry, who have an outstanding track record in designing and deploying software to improve paratransit operations.

Their focus is on paratransit software that monitors real-time performance and gives dispatchers and managers tools to take action in real time to optimize routes and to ensure we have the right number of vehicles on the street at the right times. Our paratransit software application ensures that we can more effectively manage labor and fuel costs, by giving our people tools to effectively manage the historical daily peaks and valleys in passenger needs for trips.

It also makes visible to dispatchers any trip where there is an issue. For example, if the passenger is not ready when we arrive, or traffic congestion will cause us to be late, our customized tools enable our dispatchers to intervene and re-structure the remaining pickups accordingly. This capability enables them to make the best use of all the vehicles and drivers, in order to provide consistently good service to passengers and tightly manage costs. Another example of performance-enhancing software is a new monitoring tool that tallies our on-time performance for each hour of the day, giving managers more insight into how we are performing in real time.

Transdev has a comprehensive technology infrastructure and a top-quality team. Whether it’s software for tracking fuel conservation, time and attendance, safety and maintenance, run cutting and performance or dispatch, we use cutting edge technologies and have the ability to customize and enhance applications. And we are constantly reviewing the landscape for new technologies to bring to our clients.

Cost Management

Running a paratransit service is much more complicated than simply taking customer requests and providing service. Unexpected variables like reservation changes and no-shows must be taken into account. Routes must be optimized for cost efficiencies, but wait times must be minimized to ensure passenger satisfaction.

Transdev North America provides complete paratransit solutions that combine the quality service our passengers want with the cost effectiveness our clients require. We start by understanding the needs of our passengers and clients, and then use our expertise and technology to offer a service that successfully meets those needs. Our Business Improvement Group, a team of paratransit experts, specializes in customizing software programs and implementing best practices we’ve learned from our 250 paratransit operations around the world. When the tools we need don’t exist, we invent them. We train our local managers, and help them make adjustments until peak performance is achieved.

Transdev’s expertise in paratransit scheduling, dispatch and training brings optimum satisfaction to our passengers and optimum value to our clients.

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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