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Innovative paratransit model by Transdev delivers quality and cost efficiency

Paratransit demand is on the rise. Coupled with increasing employee, fuel, insurance and capital costs associated with the delivery of these services, funding of paratransit is one of the industry’s most vexing challenges. Ultimately, without a fundamental alteration in the way we deliver service, the current paratransit model is economically and operationally unsustainable.

Introducing IntelliRide™ - Mobility Solutions for Better ADA and Human Services Transportation

IntelliRide is the newest division of Transdev North America, focused on using next generation mobility management to contain costs of paratransit and other human services transportation while improving quality. The flexibility and customization capabilities within IntelliRide ensure that we can tailor our technology and business processes to integrate with clients’ existing systems and address their unique needs.

How it Works

IntelliRide helps provide safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation by seamlessly integrating both traditional ADA and flexible fleets, controlling their coordination with “Smart Mobility Management” technology and processes. IntelliRide manages reservations, dispatch, seamless pickup and drop-off, and monitoring of overall service quality. 

IntelliRide integrates the management of traditional ADA fleets with community-based, “for hire” vehicles operated by independent contractors and taxi drivers. Our suite of technology and business processes called “Smart Mobility Management” smoothly integrates different vehicles, operators and technology platforms from multiple providers assuring accountability and service quality. IntelliRide tightly coordinates real-time scheduling, and uses Mobile Data Terminals, Automatic Vehicle Locator software, and other add-on technology solutions. IntelliRide can also deploy customized middleware to link the scheduling and dispatch systems of the traditional paratransit fleet with the flexible fleet, providing real-time updates and accountability for all trips regardless of who is executing the trip. 

IntelliRide also carefully pre-qualifies, trains and monitors the “flexible fleet” to ensure they are fully trained, accountable and meet our quality standards. 

IntelliRide brokerage call centers use all major systems for reservations, scheduling and dispatching including Ecolane, RouteMatch, StrataGen and Trapeze.

Current IntelliRide Locations

IntelliRide is currently deployed at several Transdev contract locations, including:

  • Oakland, CA – For more than 18 years Transdev has managed the East Bay Paratransit Consortium, for AC Transit and BART, and in 2013 was awarded an additional five-year contract. Transdev manages all reservations, scheduling and dispatching, as well as the payment process and overall performance of several transportation providers. The East Bay contract utilizes StrataGen for scheduling and dispatching, and all vehicles are equipped with Mentor Ranger Mobile Data Terminals.
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Transdev operates Access Transportation, a decentralized brokerage for the Port Authority of Pittsburgh. For over 30 years Transdev has managed the Access service and is responsible for the performance of multiple local transportation providers handling the day-to-day operations and passenger trips. General Manager Karen Hoesch and her team have deployed a creative E-purse solution to track and debit customer fares. In addition, they have implemented an innovative web-based solution with Android-based Mobile Data Terminals in vehicles to facilitate seamless coordination with dispatch.
  • San Francisco, CA – Transdev has managed the San Francisco Muni Access Brokerage since 2000. Under our leadership and day-to-day management, several community transportation providers execute the day-to-day operations of the trips for customers. Transdev also manages the call center and is responsible for reservations and dispatch. The taxi program and credit card payment system in San Francisco were introduced a few years ago and have been hailed as among the most innovative in the industry, enabling increased control of costs and quality for the paratransit program.

For more information about our IntelliRide program please contact: 855.517.4733 or

IntelliRide draws from a deep history of Transdev's experience and innovation in paratransit and on-demand services.

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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