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Tri-Rail: Miami, FL

In early 2007, Transdev was awarded the contract to operate South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s (SFRTA) Tri-Rail commuter system. We are responsible for all operations and fleet maintenance for Tri-Rail, as well as communications to customers via station signs and announcements.

The Tri-Rail system serves a 72-mile corridor running parallel to Interstate 95 between West Palm Beach in the North to Miami in the South. It provides service to three major airports: West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. There are 18 stations en route which provide ticket vending services for customers as well as electronic train information signs. The service is designed to integrate with local bus routes at every station to ensure excellent connections and seamless passenger service. Transdev employs 85 people who operate 50 trains each weekday, carrying 16,000 passengers everyday.

SFRTA’s vision is to provide greater mobility in South Florida, thereby improving the economic viability through access to jobs, shopping and more while enhancing the quality of mobility for the community, region and state. Our shared goals are to:

  • Drive continuous operational improvement and to exceed safety benchmarks
  • Ensure consistent, high quality customer service
  • Improve on-time performance in a sustainable manner
  • Provide excellent service to increase ridership

Some of the solutions we provide to our client include a much greater visible management presence (to staff and customers), enhanced training in safety and customer service, and training on communication and sensitivity to diversity. We redesigned schedules to provide better connections to existing bus services, and have in place a bus “bridging” service to get passengers to their destinations during times when service interruptions occur. We designed our services to support our client in achieving their vision for their rail system.

The results of these efforts have been that ridership has increased from 11,000 to 16,000 per weekday and on-time performance from 35% to 80% in the first year that Transdev operated the service. On-time performance is currently running at over 85%. Additional weekend service was added in 2013 increasing from 16 trains per day to 30 trains per day. As a result, ridership increased over 20 percent and on time performance increased over 50 percent. Weekend service ridership has increased to over 12,000 riders and on-time performance is now averaging around 95% for the weekends. In June 2013, Tri-Rail had record day of ridership when the Miami Heat basketball team celebrated the National Basketball Association’s National Championship with a parade through Miami.  The SFRTA posted its highest paid daily ridership in the commuter rail’s 24-year history on that day with a record 19,060 riders.


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